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It’s taken forever to write this first blog post. In the last month, whenever I sat down to write, my muse ran away. Now that I know why, I don’t blame her. She couldn’t bear to watch on as my body and mind contorted helplessly to the inner perfectionist’s demands to produce a flawless piece of writing for you.

You see, my muse cares not for such crazy and impossible ideas of perfection. She works for the Great Mother and my beloved ancestors. As do I. This means she just wants me to get on with it. Since the words meant for prose are still a knotted mess, I’ll use a poem to get started.

You Are The One

For more than sixty thousand years,
All around the world,
Tribes of women lived in peace and harmony.
They were the custodians of Sacred Wisdom.

The women of my bloodline,
Were the storytellers of the Great Mother.
They wove songs and stories into every fabric of Life.
These revered peaceful warriors,
followed The Way of Love.

Then one day,
Strangers arrived as guests
Returned another as soldiers
Of patriarchy.
They captured the women,
Beat them into submission.

These brave women,
Warriors of peace,
Made a fateful decision.
They chose a life of servitude
Over death.
They sacrificed freedom
To hide away Wisdom
Inside their cave hearts.

Here, stories merged
With blood and bones.
And travelled upstream
To future generations.

Does this story resonate?
Are you like me?
Are you a descendant of peaceful warriors?
Have you, like me,
Forgotten the treasure
Hidden in your heart?

Have you and yours also been
blinded by a new world order that
Chases gold coins.
Controls Woman.
And Mother Earth?

Then fear not beloved!
These women,
Our grandmothers,
They never left.
They’re hanging around
In our blood and bones!
They’re in our dreams and visions,
Waiting for us to re-emerge.

For the women of our blood
trusted in a prophecy
kept secret for thousands of years.

Of a Time
When Wisdom and Truth
Held within,
Would save
Mother Earth
From self-destruction.

That Time Is Now!
Are you the Hope?
Are you the prophesised peaceful warrior?
Who will stand up and protect Mother Earth
In the darkest days?

Return to remembrance.
Someone within knows already.
It’s you they chose
To lead the world
Back to Love.
You are the one.
Are. The. One.

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  1. Magi Whisson

    Dearest Bindu, What a beautiful website. It is so clear as well as full of beauty and soul and of course serves as a working tool. Well done . I love “”You are the One….the muse running away….indeed. And like so many of us you have journeyed through many circles with the spiral to get to this place of true service and destiny. Well done dear one and all and every blessing on many fruitful responses to all you have to offer. Love and blessings. Magi

    ps as I pressed to submit this comment it said I had to go back and add my name and email in the required fields. There were blocks below but it does not say Name: Email: They are just blank. xx

    • Bindu Narula

      Thank you so much, Magi, for your response. It means a lot to me. Thank you for alerting me to blank entry fields.


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