Waking Up in the Outback

Under the blue dome skies,
Anklets jingle.
Clouds of red dust blind.

A screech pierces ears,
Reverberate as words in my womb.
‘Wake up! Wake Up!’

I lift my head skyward.
Mother Kali!
Mother Goddess,
Blue-black skin
Thunderbolts in Her eyes.

I bow and She laughs.
‘You’re scared?
But don’t you know?
They’re terrified!’

‘Wake up!
Don’t ask for their permission.
They want you silenced.’

‘You’ve forgotten who you are.
A warrior in My army.
Whenever you speak the Truth,
I shatter
Castles of self- deception.’

‘Gotta go now.
Time to wake up others.’
Mother Kali strikes Earth,
Gigantic leaps to the west.

In the silence of settling red dust,
a gang of Kookaburras
Pick up Her laughter.
Wake Up! Wake Up!

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