Make Way As I Rise

What I wanna know is
How did you get away with it?
Convincing me
it was my fault
I didn’t get the job.
That I just wasn’t good enough.

How did you gas light me
Into believing
I was a waste
Of human resources
The day I declared
I was with child?

But today,
No More!
I see you.
I laugh at your world
Built on sticks of fear
And control.

For I am crone.
No longer a maid.
The fire in my eyes
burn down lies.

You’ve thrown everything at me.
You’ll do anything to
Destroy my body.
I’m still here.

I am crone.
I stand tall.
No More!
I’m done with playing
Your games of deceit.

I’m done with shrinking
To make
You look like a giant.

No More!
I won’t let you
Dilute Love
And Passion
Soaring through
My blood and bones.

I am crone.
Without my power,
This world you think you own
Ain’t gonna last.

So why don’t you wake up?
Wipe off the fog of fear.

I am crone.
I carry the wisdom
That’ll save you from destruction.

It’s simple really. You choose.
Make way as I rise,
And save Mother Earth.

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  1. Sej

    Powerful poem for here and now! Love it!

    • Bindu Narula

      Thank you! Love the phrase ‘here and now!’


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