I forgot it was my birthright to Love myself. I forgot to bathe in the Love I was born in. I turned my back on the Love that family and friends poured over me. I ran away and hid instead of shining.

But that’s exactly what the perpetrators wanted. They ravaged my butterfly body, and tossed me back into the world when they were done. Fright cut off my tongue. With no one to run to, and no words to explain, I knew I wouldn’t be believed. That’s how the enemy won. Vapours of their stinking bodies dripped inside me, and I changed. I believed them when they said they’d take care of me. I took it as fact, when their angry voices told me I was only good for one thing: A tool for their evil games. When the perpetrators left, the stinking vapour turned into maggots. Maggots fed on my Light and spat out lies. That’s how I forgot I was a lover of Life.

You, my beloved family and friends, could not have known. Because on the outside, I looked the same as always. Besides, you never stopped offering your Love, which kept pouring. Except, I couldn’t soak up Love anymore. Love became water off a duck’s back. Without Love’s nourishment, I turned against myself. Body got eaten by imposter thoughts, that I was unworthy of love. Body aged before due-date. Auto-immune disease took control, wanting me dead. It still wants me dead.

But not I. I’ll only go to death when Mother takes me in Her arms. I won’t be killed by a pack of lies. I have far to go. And I know the time will come, when I can see myself, the same way you already see me shine. That’ll be when I throw out the imposter on the inside and reclaim Love.

So, just for now, I ask for your prayers and your shield of Love. I’m ready to transmute a pack of lies to Love. Love from the inside out gives me back my birthright. I am a lover of Life.

Thank you for never giving up on me. I’m still here because of you.


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