It’s Up to You and Me

I’ been hit
By a bundle of Songs and Stories.
Life times I’ been waiting.

The Songs! The Stories!
Whistling up my feet.
A gift from Mother Earth,
They’re keeping beat
To Her pulse.

The Songs! The Stories!
They’re incubating in my womb,
Waiting for another
Wisdom coating from Mother.

The Songs! The Stories!
Gurgling in my gut,
The first brain,
That knows
All is Love.

The Songs! The Stories!
They’re racing each other
In the chamber of my heart.
Swinging off ribs
And diving into my stomach.

The Songs! The Stories!
Stronger than ever.
Even after a dive in
The acid pool of my stomach.

The Songs! The Stories!
Singing up and out of my throat
Sometimes sweet,
Sometimes dissonant.

Either way
It’s all okay.
Cos I’ve remembered.
This body of mine,
Is Mother’s sacred instrument of Love.

I know.
Been way too long.
You remember it too?
When she sang through us
And gave us her Songs and Stories
To spread as messengers of Love?

That season has returned.
And this time it’s certain.
It’s up to you and me!
We’re gonna bring home the Songs and Stories.
Right here. Right Now.

It’s time to return
To the Love Revolution.
The Ancients’ been waiting.
Can you hear them cheering?

Cos we’ve risen above fear,
And taken back what was always ours to share.
The Songs! The Stories!
It’s up to you and me now,
To bring back Love,
Through Mother’s Sacred Instrument.

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  1. Lee-Anne Deegan

    Our ancestors are watching and eagerly cheering us on, in all our pursuits. Connecting to the ancient ways, with sacred understanding, is essential for our people at this time. As you tell your stories and songs you spread the love for all to hear and feel within their own hearts. It is a precious gift you give to us all.

    • Bindu Narula

      Thank you so much Lee-Anne. It’s so important that we all share our songs and stories. That’s how we spread hope!


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