I Remember

O Mother!
I fell for a bag of tricks.
They said membership to the exclusive club was easy
As long as I followed the rules.
So I became the obedient daughter, wife, and mother.
I rallied with those who wanted proof I was as good as a man.
And like many sisters,
I became better than a man.
I learned to live
The two –shifts –per- day –life of nurturing, and breadwinning.

O Mother!
I did better than my best
And was betrayed by a club
that told me I am inferior.
Because I am a woman of colour.
For years, I was trapped in a prison with a square system.
I shed tears of blood, when there was no sign of You. Or me.

O Mother!
I was duped.
The bag of tricks set me off on the wrong road.
That is how I lost You. And me.

O Mother!
How lucky am I! For You rescued me.
You lifted the veil of ignorance and
I remembered.
You dwell within, not without.
We are all equal because
We are made in Your image.
And You are both man and woman.
Now there is no blood in my tears.
And these tears of Joy
Fill the emptying rivers of the world.

O Mother!
Every cell in my body is infused with Your Grace.
My body surrenders to Your Sweetness.
In the madness of my dance,
Like a lunatic, all in one breath
I weep and I laugh,
I run and I dance,
I jump high, I jump low.
For I remember.
And now, it’s my turn to join the others
Already on the Path to Freedom.
Together, we are rising.
We never left.

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