Bindu Narula was born in India and lives in Sydney. Australia became home when her two daughters were born. Before that, Bindu lived in the Netherlands with her parents and siblings. She finished high school at the British School in the Netherlands and studied in London where she graduated with a BA (Hons) in Economics and an MBA.

Bindu spent 16 years in the pharmaceutical industry (1985-2001). She worked for Merck Sharp and Dohme in the Netherlands and ICI Pharmaceuticals in Melbourne (Astra Zeneca now). In 1994, she set up a consulting business, assisting clients with strategic business opportunities as well as obtaining optimal prices for their products in Australia.

Life offered more meaning when Bindu left behind the corporate world and began to explore avenues such as Meditation, Yoga, Tai chi, and Feldenkrais. She became a Reiki practitioner and when she completed her diploma in Counselling in 2007, she combined these two modalities, as well as meditation, to support her clients privately and in groups.

Bindu is currently working on a manuscript where she weaves her life stories, with the untold stories of her ancestors, particularly the women of her bloodline. The work aims to release women’s voices throttled over generations, by patriarchy and colonialism. It explores how identity shape-shifts when the women erased by history are returned to the family tree.

Bindu writes poems when prodded by her muse and ancestors. She has shared some of her poems here.

Bindu facilitates women’s circles in India and Australia. She witnesses alchemy when women gather. Togetherness lifts the divisive fog of amnesia hatched by patriarchy. Women sitting together in circles becomes an invitation to put back all the pieces of body and mind lost to busyness, self-neglect, people-pleasing, and addictions. A body, mind and soul reclaimed, releases creativity and voice. This is how women empower themselves and support others to do the same. When women become whole, we remember Love transmutes fear and hatred, the tools used by patriarchy to control and divide. When we stand together, and speak up for ourselves and Mother Earth, women become the hope humanity needs.

The workshops are a call to action. You can read about the workshops here.